Mobile service

The task was: to make service for mobile phones that will attract new users.

Rauchen ist Geil! - Rauch Virtuell! (Smoking is cool! - Smoke virtually!) A game that helps to quit smoking. You smoke virtually, you need to press buttons to smoke if you press too long, you can cough. Smoking virtually, you always see how many cigarettes you have saved. Also you can purchase your favorite kind of cigarettes, lighters and other paraphernalia, you can donate to cancer patients.
Mobile Lotto. «Come up with the time». Application provides an opportunity to participate in the lottery without ever leaving home
Mobile opener. Replacing the back cover of a mobile phone with this gadget, you get not only the opener for bottles, but also increase the capacity of the antenna. A function of the injection sounds of opening bottles, cheer, not only you but all in the neighborhood. This is not only an excellent addition to the phone, but also a great advertising medium.
Mobile opener - "Thirst?"
Always with you
Mobile opener - Documentation + advertising on trays for beer mugs in bars.

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