Enhancement of the //SMARTWEB search engine in cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI, www.dfki.de) SMARTWEB and Semantic Web Questions at the Semantic Web can be asked in spoken language with devices such as smartphones and PDAs. Inputs at the Semantic Web can be inserted like in a dialogue only assisted by touching the screen. Theses Inputs initiate an intelligent Semantic Web search. Results are presented in natural language accompanied by images, videos, text and other media. The user can navigate through the result in an intuitive way. SmartWeb technologies accessing the Semantic Web combine access services to ontological knowledge servers, multimodal question answering, web services and agent-based information extraction. I have recognized that the thumb plays a significant role in modern society - becoming humans dominant haptic interactor. This development should be reflected in the interface design for future (mobile) devices

A series of posters "Hold cams" - literally from the German "press the thumb"

Poster 2
Poster 3
Program status — Standby
By touching the screen Program goes in active mode and is ready to got a request. The request should be making by the voice.
The short answer screen
The answer screen with media information
Mode that let user to choose a criteria of the request
Mode that shows relevant links. Here, for example, collected all the photos from one of the tournament
Instruction for //SMARTWEB
Poster-documentation about the project. It reflects all the main stages of work on the project
The beginning of the work at the project
Searching of the metaphors, formulation of the problem and ways of its solution
The result of the development, the concept of interface
Presentation of main functionality of the interface
Interface, version 1 enlish

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